The Era of Looking for Offers is gone. It's time for Customizing offers. We'll provide exactly what you need.

Aspiring for The Prime in Cash on Delivery E-commerce

Xhat, a COD advertiser with thousands of exclusive offers in low competition GEOs. Although E-wallets and internet banking transactions are getting popular, but most buyers still prefer the Cash on Delivery payment model while making an online purchase. Infact, Cash-on-Delivery payment model contribute about 70% on all online purchases and compared with other payment options like Net-Banking, mobile wallets, credit cards and debit cards combined. So that's how the idea for our business emerged.

For our customers, we always strive to bring the wonderful and risk-free online shopping experience. Our cooperative customer service team is available for you 24/7.

For our affiliates, you don’t need to wait through an annoying extended holding period, our offers complete as soon as a customer completes the purchase on a Landing Page and the affiliate will be paid directly.

All Exclusive Offers
Direct COD offers with Own Products Various Collections Distinctive Business Model
High Approval Rate
High Payout and Conversion Rate In-House Reliable Platform No Holding Period
Localized Funnel
Customer Service with Local Team Customized Landing Page Local Warehouse